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Emissions Services & Repair in Arvada, CO

Failed your emissions test? Arvada Square Auto is a Colorado Certified Emissions shop for diagnosing and repairing vehicles to prevent future emissions failures. Emissions tests are an annual occurrence and a way to see how much fuel is exiting out of the tailpipe of your vehicle, thus, not being used by your engine. Passing emissions tests means your engine must be properly tuned to utilize the gas entering it and therefore convert it to energy to move the vehicle. Failing an emissions test in Arvada essentially means you have a gas leak on your hands. Stop by Arvada Square Auto to get the emissions service you need and pass the emissions test.

Complete Emission Services at Arvada Square Auto

Two categories of failed emissions tests are high HC emissions or high CO emissions. Also, diesel vehicles in Arvada may experience issues of their own due to high opacity emissions. For non-diesel vehicles, several issues can occur which cause your Arvada vehicle’s emissions test to fall into either category. High HC means your engine isn’t converting the fuel into energy and high CO means there is not a good ratio of fuel to air causing incomplete combustion. Arvada Square Auto is equipped to assess and correct many of the underlying issues causing you to have a vehicle that failed emissions. Schedule an appointment with us today or stop by our location in Arvada for our wide variety of quality emission services.

Emission Services for Arvada

If your Arvada vehicle is older than seven model years, passing the Colorado emissions test is mandatory every two years to keep its registration current. The emissions test results are due by the end of the month in which your registration expires. If you suspect your vehicle will not pass the emissions test, come by Arvada Square Auto for our complete set of emission services. We are more than capable of figuring out why your vehicle isn’t passing the emissions test and solving the problem to make sure that your vehicle meets Colorado standards.

Arvada Emission Service

If your Arvada vehicle failed the Colorado emissions test, don’t worry. Come to Arvada Square Auto and we’ll figure out why your vehicle failed and repair it. Our ASE-certified technicians have the knowledge and skills to make sure your vehicle isn’t damaging the environment and we’ll get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Drop by the shop in Arvada today or give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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