Tire Services: Repair, Rotation, Replacement & Balancing in Arvada, CO

Before suggesting a new tire, we will encourage a tire repair if there’s still life in the tire. We will always first try for a tire repair at Arvada Square Auto. Aside from presence of tire damage, the three things to consider when determining if you need tire repair new tires are tread wear, amount and severity of exposure to the elements, and the age of the tire.

Stop by our shop in Arvada and we will help determine whether you can get more life our of your tires with a tire repair.

Tire Replacement and Tire Repair Services in Arvada

Punctures or cuts in the tread that are significant enough to cause interior damage permanently remove repair service as an option, as well as any puncture in the shoulder area of the tire or the sidewall. If that is the case, you’ll need a tire replacement. A tire replacement is also in the cards if the tread is worn down beyond recommended tread levels. If your vehicle in Arvada needs a tire replacement, Arvada Square Auto sells all major brands of new tires at reasonable prices and can provide a quick, seamless tire replacement process. Inspect your tires regularly, and if you see something unusual and suspect you might need a tire replacement in Arvada, contact us or come by the shop.

Tire Balance Professionals in Arvada

Maintaining tire balance is important for good traction and even tire wear. If you notice that your tires are wearing down faster than usual, or feel vibrations when you reach high speeds, bring your car in to Arvada Square Auto to get a fast, professional tire balance service. If you need your tires balanced in Arvada, consider our shop: with top of the line equipment and highly experienced and ASE certified mechanics, trust us to expertly perform a tire balance service without complications right here in Arvada. We provide a seamless tire balance service process and will get your Arvada car back to where it needs to be. Call us or stop in at our Arvada shop today for a quality tire balance service that will reduce vibration and increase the life of your tires.

Come in to the Arvada shop for a car battery replacement or call for an appointment to be sure there’s not a wait.

Arvada Tire Rotation

Come in to Arvada Square Auto today for a no-hassle tire rotation. Tire rotations are important to keep an even tread wear on your tires and extend their life. A tire rotation is recommended every 3,000-6,000 miles, and for even better results, get a tire rotation every time you come in to Arvada Square Auto for an oil change.

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