Car Radiator & AC Compressor Repair and Service in Arvada

Arvada Square Auto offers radiator repair and car ac compressor repair in Arvada. Learn more about both of these systems and the service that we offer on them below.

What is a radiator?

The radiator is the most important part of the cooling system and keeps the engine from overheating and being damaged. As an engine runs normally, it produces heat. Coolant carries this heat through the radiator to be brought to a lower temperature.

How do you know if your radiator is failing and you need a car radiator repair in Arvada?

Fortunately, radiators are great at letting us know when there’s an issue. If your vehicle is leaking, has coolant loss or is overheating, there’s a good chance that the radiator is going bad. Fortunately, we commonly offer radiator service at Arvada Square Auto.

What is the AC Compressor?

The AC Compressor is a kind of pump that pressurizes refrigerant needed for air conditioning. It works in tandem with the condenser, evaporator, hoses and receiver dryer to produce cold air, making driving during the summer months more comfortable.

When do we offer auto AC compressor repair in Arvada?

If there’s no cold air coming out of your vents, a clicking sound coming from under the engine, bring it to Arvada Square Auto.

Call Arvada Square Auto or come into our auto repair shop in Arvada during normal business hours for fast and friendly compressor and radiator service.

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