Struts and Shocks Replacement Services in Arvada

Get your struts and shocks at Arvada Square Auto. Though they are not interchangeable, both shocks and struts serve the same function. Shocks and struts are frequently charged with being responsible for the quality of how a vehicle rides. While they are a key facet, there are many different facets of suspension including tire pressure, wheelbase, tire/rim ratio, road conditions and suspension type.

How do you know when you need shock or strut replacement in Arvada?

We recommend shock replacement at Arvada Square Auto after the first 50,000 miles. Worn out shocks can increase the distance you need to brake. This adds a stressful layer of unpredictability to an already unpredictable task: driving with other people. Shocks and struts can wear out quietly, suddenly present as longer unexpected braking distance. Tire wear is also a sign of needing struts and shocks. Control your car with updated shocks and struts.

Where can you get shocks and struts in Arvada?

When you need struts in Arvada or car shocks, Arvada Square Auto has got you covered. Call us to schedule an appointment or just come into the shop. We’ll get you in as quick as we can and our ASE Certified mechanics and service consultant will take excellent care of you and your car, as we have since 1981.

Arvada Square Auto is a full service auto repair shop in Arvada with 36 years of experience. Offering every automotive service you could need.


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